The Music Within


The Music Within

People are good, creative intelligent human beings who have music built into their very being. The rhythm of the universe is part of our bodies in the regular beating of our hearts. Much in our society today has worked to take us away from the music that is built into us. Early messages often tell us that we are not musical or can’t carry a tune. Other messages tell us that music is something we play or sing from a page in front of us. In reality music is all around us all the time – in the singing of the birds, the blowing of the wind, the patter of the rain, or the song of the cricket. Listen and you enter a new world.

Learning to be in touch with our bodies connects us to the music of the universe and frees us to release the music within. Creating our own music using our voices, drums or any instrument available is fun and releases a new freedom for creativity in the conversation of life.

Music for People is an organization that promotes the music within. Everyone is a musician and can express their creativity through music. In learning the art of improvisation in music, we learn the art of life. Musical conversation involves self-awareness and the ability to listen to the vibrations of ourselves and others.

Andy Smith plays trombone, djembe and fiddle and offers workshops on The Music Within. He currently serves on the Board of Music for People.

“Andy Smith is one of the most outstanding individuals in our four year Music For People Leadership and Improvisation Course. His personality and spirit bring the most important ingredients needed for a successful experience in creating music and finding one's own unique creative, enthusiasm, humor, and an ability to encourage all to participate easily and uniquely.

”His dedication to the spirituality in each of us has always inspired me personally. It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend his work in music and creativity to you.”

David Darling, internationally acclaimed cellist, Grammy nominee, founder and recently retired artistic director of Music for People


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