Andy Smith Photography

Forsters Tern


BLack SKimmers Black Skimmers Black Skimmers

 Purple Sandpiper Purple Sandpiper Black-bellied plover in Breding Plumage Semi-palmated Plover portrait of a Semipalmated plover

Sanderlings in the Sunset Seven Sanderlings Five Shorebirds 

American Oystercatcher Portrait AMerican Oystercatcher on Nest Black skimmers American Oystercatcher Feeding

willett with Worm Willett with food willett Landing at sunset Willwettt FLight Blur Willett Running

Willet with Crab Willet with Crab for Dinner Willet  with Dinner Willet in the Surf

Willet with Food 2 Willet Swallowing Crab willet mating Behavior

 Taking Off 2 shorbirds Short-billed Dowitchers Short-billed Dowitcher WHimbrel

REd Knot Marbled Godwit Semi=palmateed Sandpiper AMerican AVocet

Least Sandpiper  AMerican Woodcock Sandpipers in Flight Lesser Yellowlegs in the Grass Taking Off