Winter Morning in Valley Forge Park

New fallen snow on a cold clear calm morning following the storm is one of nature’s delights. This morning I enjoyed the wonders of such a morning in Valley Forge National Historical Park. The park is filed with meadows and woods having a variety of trees with various shapes.  About a ten minute drive from my house, it is one of my favorite places on a day like this.  I anticipated a wonderful morning as I finished clearing my driveway late the evening before under a clear sky lighted by one of the brightest full moons I had ever seen.  Below are some of the wonders I found.

My house lighted only by the full moon

Road to Snowy Wonderland

Tall Pines

Patterns in the Branches

Sculpture in the Snow

Fallen Tree

Tall Trees

Lone Star in the Woods

Lacy Pattern in the Woods

Snow Capped


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