The Beauty at Black Rock Retreat

My church had a weekend retreat at Black Rock Retreat Center near Quarrysville,  Pennsylvania, this weekend.   In spite of the rain Saturday morning I led a nature photography workshop.  In the bare winter woods where there was little green, I looked around for some interesting subjects and came upon a steep section that led down to the Octoraro Creek.  It was an amazing place, filled with rocks covered with lichens and moss.  Nearby a small stream flowed down from a pond and was a tumbling cascade of small waterfalls.  As I was exploring the area, I heard a large number of frogs in a wetland area near the creek.  My adventure  shows that there is something interesting to be discovered anywhere one is.  It only takes some looking.   Here are a few images from my time there.

Looking Down Toward the Octoraro Creek


Trees Growing Out of the Rocks


Moss and Lichens




 Split Rock


Looking Uphill at the Woods


The Woods, New and Old


Kathleen looks at the Big Rock from below

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