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The Indian Ladder Trail

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013


The Indian Ladder Trail at John Boyd Thatcher State Park just outside Albany, New York, is one of the most interesting paths for a short hike that I know.   Located on the Helderberg  Escarpment, the towering limestone cliffs have many different formations. The layers contain remnants of history dating back millions of years.  Caves, waterfalls, and emerging underground streams dot the landscape alongside the trail.  With careful observation one can easily find fossil remains of the geological history.  

The trail itself was used by the Mohawk Indians 400 hundred years ago to reach a trading post on the Hudson River.   The name comes from the ladders originally used to  reach the top. Great views of the Adirondacks, the Green Mountains and the Hudson Valley are found at the top of the trail. 

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to walk  the trial with three of my favorite people, my partner Kim, and two young people, Colby and Caitlyn, whom I have known their entire lives. With heavy rain in the morning, we waited until early afternoon before departing.  The rain and clouds left most people seeking shelter, so we had the trail almost to ourselves.

Once again I came home inspired by the beauty and majesty that can be found in the natural world wherever we happen to be.   

  Colby and Caitlyn on the indian Ladder Trail

cliffs overhang the Indian Ladder Trail

Colby and Caitlyn under towering cliffs on the Indian Ladder Trail

Colby and Caitlyn with Kim on the Indian Ladder Trail below towering cliffs

The narrow trail passes by an overhang

Colby and Caitlyn under a large overhanging cliff

Small Waterfall among the rocks

Colby plays in the water

View of the Hudson Valley from Under the Rocks

The cliffs above the Indian Ladder Trail

An almost dry creek ready to descend

Kim, Colby and Cailyn in a dry creek

LBI Fine Art and Craft Show

Saturday, July 20th, 2013

My booth at LBII am sitting in the shade on the ocean side of my booth in Loveladies NJ on Long Beach Island. Look at the chair in the picture The breeze from the ocean and my triptych of the Barnegat Light at sunrise make it seem like I’m on the beach with natural air conditioning. . With extreme heat of tbe day crowds have been light and sales slow. If you are anywhere in the area come on by. We’re open today til 6 and tomorrow 9-5. It’s at the LBI Foundation for the Arts and Sciences.

Haddonfield Booth

Sunday, July 14th, 2013

Haddonfield Craft Fair

Sunday, July 14th, 2013

I’m sitting here in my booth at the Haddonfield Fine Craft Fair in New Jersey.  Very hot but lots of people. Come  on out. I’m in booth 151

Delaware River Sojourn 2013

Monday, July 1st, 2013

I have just returned from a week kayaking on the Delaware River as part of the annual Delaware River Sojourn.  This experience is always a highlight of the summer. Being on the Delaware is a return to nature.  Rivers are part of the circulation system of the earth.  We are fortunate to have the longest undammed river east of the Mississippi as a treasure in our region.  Spending day after day on the River with over a hundred people on some days is a joy, physically and spiritually enriching, drawing the energy of the earth into my life.   For the second year I was blessed to have my life partner, Kim, along for the journey.

Days on the River are varied. The full moon on Sunday night brought its beauty to the River. Camping on the grounds of the Zane Grey museum in Lackawaxen and enjoying the stories of the cowboy dentist added a bit of history to the place we occupied for two nights.  Enjoying the early morning mist on the Delaware and running the rapids on the Lackawaxen provided contrasting experiences.   Paddling through the majestic mountains along the upper Delaware, stopping for a swim in the waves between Prahls and Walls Islands or enjoying the first light at Dingmans each added to the enjoyment of the River. 

Awakening  early on the last morning at the Seaport Museum and seeing the sunrise over the Ben Franklin Bridge began a day where we paddled down river from Penns Landing  to Gloucester City and returned.  The contrast of fifty kayaks and canoes passing a large freight ship or the trash floating in this section of the  River sent me strong messages that we still have much work to do in protecting the treasure of the Delaware.  Our present civilization is out of touch with the reality that we are part of nature and must love it and take care of it as our Mother.  For the first inhabitants of this region, the Lenni Lenapes, the River was sacred and deserved respect.  They knew that their survival depended on protecting the River and always began their journeys with a blessing and a prayerful attitude. We should learn from them and give the River the respect it deserves. 

Below are a few images.  More will be forthcoming later on my website.

Full Moon over the Delaware River


Misty Morning at Lackawaxen


 Cowboy Dentist Does Yoga at Zane Grey Museum


 Rafting on the Lackawaxen


 Paddling the Upper Delaware


First Light at Dingmans


 Riding the Waves at Prahls/Walls Islands


 Enjoying the Delaware on a Beautiful Day


 Sunrise Over the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia


 Paddling near the Port of Philadelphia


 Kayaking Toward Philadelphia