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A New Lens for the Delaware River Sojourn

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Just bought a Tamron 18-270 mm lens in anticipation of having one camera and lens with me in my kayak next week on the Delaware River Sojourn.  What a relief to have less equipment, more coverage and greater flexibility of shots!  Now I’ll have one small yellow waterproof case between my legs rather than one large black one that had to be strapped to the top of the kayak.  Tried it out this afternoon in my backyard and got this shot of the Clematis climbing on the front corner of my garage.   The Sojourn begins Saturday and features eight days on one of the most scenic rivers in the East.    Join us us for one or more days.


Niagara Falls

Monday, June 17th, 2013

On Saturday Kim and I explored the wonders of both sides of Niagara Falls.  This piece of  the natural world brings one close to the tremendous power of water. I stood close to the edge of the falls watching the largest volume of water going over any falls in North America, tumbling by, falling to the waters below and creating a rising cloud of mist.  I looked at the rapids above the American Falls observing the beauty of this clear, rapidly flowing  water, dropping over the surface below, not aware that it was approaching the precipice awaiting a few hundred yards beyond. Water is amazing, beautiful and powerful, life-giving and life-destroying, providing refreshment and recreation,  always changing and always present.  Niagara Falls gave me the gift of renewed energy, recognizing that I am connected to this natural wonder with about 70% of my body composed of the same substance I was watching flowing by in massive amounts over the falls.

The American Falls at Niagara

Horseshoe Falls

Cormorant in the mist over Horseshoe Falls

Looking downstream on the Niagara river with all falls in View

The American Falls and Rainbow Bridge

Flowing Toward Bridal Veil Falls