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Japanese Garden Portland

Saturday, May 18th, 2013

On Thursday I visited the Japanese Garden overlooking the downtown buildings of Portland, Oregon, and was reminded of the unity of the built world and the natural world.   While there I felt a oneness with nature, a deep spiritual connection with all around me.  The experience was an escape into a special place, constructed yet natural.  Rocks, water, shrubs, bridges, walkways, ponds, buildings, sculpture, birds, fish - all set among the tall douglas firs that are native to the area.   Nothing felt out of place. It invited me to experience the wonder of all that is around me and appreciate the interconnection of everything.   It presented a  picture of life that flourishes, one that takes its energy from relationships carefully affirmed.   It demonstrates possibilities of a new kind of world, one that resonates with what is already present within us and can be built around us to replace the world that destroys, disconnects, and denies that we are part of the lifegiving systems of the earth and the universe.

pond at Japaese Gardens

Zig Zag Bridge and Lower Pond

staircase in natural garden

Sand and Stone Garden at Japense Garden

Shreiner’s Iris Gardens

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

I’ve been visiting my almost 93 year old Mother in Lake Oswego, Oregon this week.  Today we decided to take in one of the seasonal delights in the area, the Shreiner’s Iris Gardens near Salem.  From May 10 until June 9 the gardens present a spectacular show of color as the hundreds of varieties of iris are in peak bloom.  The day started out rainy but just after we arrived the rain stopped presenting a perfect  day for flower photography, cloudy skies, no rain or wind, and flowers filled with moisture drops from the earlier rain.  I covered the gardens quickly awed by the great variety of colors and combinations of flowers.  I only wish I’d had more time in this paradise of flowers.

Shreiner’s iris Gardens

iris variety

group of irises

Clouds from the Air

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Last Monday I flew from Philadelphia to Portland, Oregon.    As usual I had my camera ready and had elected a window seat near the rear clear of the wing.   I had hoped I might find an image of Mount Hood just before landing as I had in the past.  Instead I became fascinated by the ever changing shapes of the clouds below.  I was reminded of images from Georgia OKeefe.   The flow of water in the clouds presented innumerable opportunities for images.   As the sun became lower the colors  added interest.   I seldom remember seeing images of clouds taken from the air. Here was another opportunity to produce images that help people see the world in a different way.

Clouds and Mountains

Sun set on Clouds

Sunset Colors

Great weekend in Rittenhouse Square

Monday, May 13th, 2013

This past weekend was a wonderful one at the PA Guild fine Craft Show in Rittenhouse Square Philadelphia. The weather held out with little rain except a sprinkle on Sat afternoon just at closing time.  The hard rain occurred overnight and did not interrupt the fair.  The stream of people was reasonably constant and for me the sales far exceeded my expectations.    On Sunday afternoon as I was thinking it would be a slow day,  I had a flurry of sales at the end and then the largest sale of the show as I was taking down my booth!!  It just shows that doing art and craft fairs is often a totally unpredictable event.  I’ll definitely be back in Rittenhouse Square the second weekend of October when the PA Guild returns.

My Booth at Rittenhouse    My Booth at Rittenhouse with People

Last weekend at Ocean city and Assateague

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Last weekend I showed my photography at the Ward International Waterfowl Carving Competition in Ocean City Maryland.   The carvings are incredible, looking like they are ready to fly away.   I won third place for the best retail booth design, a new honor for me, since I had never had an award for my booth.  Yet the real highlight of the weekend, as it is every year, is the evening trip to Assateague Island.  This time Saturday night gave me some of the closest views of the wild ponies I’ve had as well as a wonderful sunset over the Bay.Wild Pony at Assateague Close Up  wild Pony at Assateague  Sunset at Assateague