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Andy Smith Photography is committed to building a more sustainable society, one that works for everyone and preserves and enhances the natural world. Andy was a founding board member of the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia and is now a board member emeritus. Andy Smith Photography is one of 70 founding B Corporations, businesses that are working to change the way business is conducted. We use 100% recycled office paper, note card paper and envelopes, bio-degradeable bags for customers, transportation in a hybrid vehicle, sustainably harvested poplar for canvas stretchers and 100% wind and solar power for electricity. We attempt to buy supplies from local or regional dealers where possible and are in touch with our suppliers urging them to follow policies similar to ours. We will give 10% of revenues or equivalent to organizations and activities that support sustainability and inclusivity. Our Business Policies are public. For further information contact Andy at

SBN Greater Philadlephia Board    B Corporation Founding Member

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