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Bald Eage on the Lackawaxen Bald Eagle on Nest at Valley Forge Greater RheaLesser Yellowlegs Taking Off

GreatBlue Heron at Attention Lesser Yellowlegs in the Grass Monarchs i Migration Striped owl

Burrowing Owl Snowy Owl at Merrill Creek Reservoir Snowy Owl at Stone harbor PointGreat Horned owl with Rabbit

Five Shorebirds Diamondback Terrapins

Praying MantisSeven SanderlingsGreen Frog

Snow Geese Over the corn Field contentment - Pigs Feeding Juvenile Black-crowned night Heron

Sanderlings inthe Sunset Male Bufflehead Common Merganser with Young

Bald Eagle Catching Fish Juvenile Osprey on Nest

Note Cards - Valley Forge National Historical Park
Note Cards - Jenkins Arboretum

Shop the Art
Andy Smith Photography Store

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