Andy Smith Photography

Forsters Tern

Southern New Jersey

Skimmers in Flight SKimmers in Flight at Dawn

sunrise at Oyster Creek  Sunrise at Oyster Creek Dawn at L:eeds Point After the Storm

The Storm The torm at sunrise Stormy morning Storm over the Jetty

Sunrise from Brigantine Sunrise from Forsythe Sunrise over the ATlantic Dawn aovewr Brigantine Island 

 Sunset over the Delaware Bay Sunset over the Shiipping FLeet Dawn at SeaBreeze


Diamondback Terrapins Glossy Ibis in Breeding Plumage Cloud of Shorebirds Whimbrel

Peregriner Portrait juvenile northern harrier Male Mallard wing stretch GReat egret at  sunset juvenile black-crowned night heron

purple sandpiper purple sandpiper long tailed duck male male harlequin duck resting male harlequin duck

Praying Mantis Green Frog red fox Waves inthe Sand Salt Marsh in the fall


white-throated Sparrow AMerican Woodcock Sandhill Cranes in NJ Hirseshoe Crab

Sunrise at Barnegat Light Sunrise on Barnegat Inlet Barnegat Lighthouse at sunrise

sunset at Thompson's Beach sunset at Thompson's Beach


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