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     Columbia River Gorge 
columbia river gorge panorama
Dawn in columbia River Gorge Early Light of Sunrise in the Columbia River Gorge Sunrise in Columbia River Gorge Sunrise 2 Columbia River Gorge 2 Columbia River Gorge 
 Multnomah Falls Latourette Falls Latourettte Falls Detail Bottom of Latourette Falls
Upper Wahkeena Creek Wahkeena Creek Rapids Upper Wahkeena Creek Rapids Bottom of Wahkeena Falls Lower Wahkeena Falls

Northern Maindenhair Ferns along Wahkeena Creek Bridal Veil Creek Tree Roots and Fern Swirl of Wahkeena Creek


 Cannnon Beach from Ecolola in LAte Afternoon  The View from Ecola State Park Looking Toward Canon Beach Sunset from Ecola State Park Purople Ochre Sea Stars at base of Haystock Rock

Hatstack Rock in the Morning Canon Beach in the Morning Cannon Beach at Low Tide Sunset Over Canon Beach  

View from Mount Neahkhanie Sunset from the Dunes Grasses at Nehalem Bay State Park Dunes at Nehalem Bay Dune Swirl Mushrooms and Moss

Sunset at Cannon beach sunset from Cannon Beach sunset at Haystack rock

 Sunset with Gull Rocks with Gulls at Sunset\ 

 Fishing in the Nehalem Bay Boats in Nehalem Bay

Low Tide at Hug Point State Park View at hug Point State Park Gull Feeding at Hug Point State Park Reflection on the Beach at Hug Point State Park 

Tidepool at Hug Ponit Flowing onto the Beach at Hug Point Looking North at Hug Point State Park


Mount Hood 

Looking Toward the Summit, Mt Hood Mt Hood with Lupine Mt Hood in the Summer Mt Hood Summit Mt Hood

 Mt Hood from the Air Mt Hood from the Air Mount Hood from the Air at Sunset Sunset Glow on Mt Hood

Silver Falls State Park 

 Feeling the Spirit of the grandfather Lower North Falls, Silver Falls State Park, Oregon Under the Falls South Fallls Through the Trees South Falls Through the Trees Falling Water Lower South Falls

North Fork, silver Creek Patterns at the Bottom Bottom of North Falls Bottom of the Falls Bottom of the Falls

 Falls Through the Trees Looking Up at the ELders

Smith Rock State Park 

 Climbing at Smith Rock View in Smith Rock State Park Fence Shadow Sunset Reflection on Crooked River Sunset on Crooked River 

Peaks in the Sunset Sunset GLow at Smith rock

John Day Fossil Beds National Monument

Ridge of Color Painted Hills Ripples Mountain of Color Hills on the Entrance Road Two Painted Hills Painted Hills Vista

Cathedral Rock on the John Day River Fossil in the Clarno Unit Palisades at Sunset Palisades in the Late Afternoon John Day River

Watchful Otters Otter Family Otter Lunch Looking

Lave Butte

Skeleton Tree on the Lava Butte View to the North from the Lava Butte Crater at the Lava Butte Looking Toward Mt. Bachelor from the Lava Butte

Mt Bachelor from the Lava Butte Mt Bachelor from Lava Fields at the Lava Butte Raven at the Lava Butte


Mt Bachelor Dipper Stream Along the Cascade Scenic Byway

Rapids on the Clacamas River in the Fall Clackamas River in the Fall Cascade Meadow in the Fall



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