Andy Smith Photography

Forsters Tern

Northwest New Jersey

 Love Lichens Brown Fungi Lilly Pads in the Falll Patterns in the Lilly PAds Tillman's Gorge

Flowing Throgh Tillman's Gorge Rushing Water in Tillman's Gorge Flowing Waters in Tillman's Ravine Rocky SLope in Tillman's Ravine Buttermilk Falls in the Spring 

Swamp near Peter's Valley Fall mornig at Sunrise Mountain Fall GLow at Sunrise Mountain Sunrise at Sunrise Mountain

 Full Moon Rising at Duck Pond Spring Lake in Early Fall winter on Spring Lake in Swartswood State Park old tree Swartswood State Park Christmas morning in Swartswood State Park

Portrait of an Alpha Male Wolf Lakota Wolf Preserve Female Wolf Lakota Wolf Preserve Femal Wolf REsting Lakota Wolf PReserve Three millipedes on the appalachian trail

Sunflower field Before the Storm Two Sunflowers

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