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New York City Women's March


On January 21, 2017, I participated in the Women's March in New York City, partly out of my desire to do something to make a public statement about a different set of values than those represented by the incoming President and also to support my partner Kim who planned to participate. We marched along with an estimated 500,000 women and men of many different colors, religions and cultures. The march lasted ten hours and was entirely peaceful with no arrests or disruptions. It was a model of nonviolent resistance to a regime that has no desire to affirm the integrity, intelligence or inherent rights of women, people of color, the LGBT community or Muslims. Built into its planning by women was a desire to affirm the civil rights of all people of any race, color, culture, religion or sexual identity.

Below is a slide show of photographs I took during the march. I tried to include as many of the different kinds of people and signs as I could. While presenting a visual image of the march, they do not express the joy and power of the call and response chants that flowed in waves from one end of the march to the other. Many of the images may not reflect your point of view but express the value of an inclusive culture in an inclusive nation, varied viewpoints of the several million people who marched in several hundred cities across the USA and the world. They also express the strong consensus among marchers against the statements and actions of the Trump administration and represent only the beginning of a resistance that will not be silenced. Unlike most other images on my web site these are overtly social and political.

Slideshow of New York City Women's March

Women's March


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