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Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area

Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area in Kleinfeltersville, Pennsylvania, is transformed into an amazing spectacle of migration in February and March each year. Snow Geese, often numbering over 100,000, and Tundra Swans, often over 4,000, stop here on the spring migration. Various species of ducks stop on the ponds and Short-eared, Long-eared and Barn Owls have been found. A pair of nesting Bald Eagles has made Middle Creek their home for a number of years.

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Sunrise sunrise at Middle Creek CLoud of Snow Geese at Sunrise Snow Geese Returning at Sunrise

Flying at sunrise Four Snow Geese at Sunrise Snow Geese in Flight at Sunrise Snow  Geese Flying Up at Sunrise

Tundra Swan a Sunrise Patterns in the Sky Snow Geese at Sunrise Canada Geese in Flight at Sunrise

Snow Geese Landing a tSnrise Cloud of Snow Geese One in the Crowd Cloud of Snow Geese Plus SNow Geeee Landing Blur

SNow Geese in Flight Blur Snow Geese Blur Snow Geese over the Corn Field

Tundra Swan in Flight Seven Tundra Swans in FLight Tundra Swans in Flight at Dawn Tundra Swan Pair in Flight at Sunrise Tundra Swan in FLight at Dawn

Six Tundra Swans in Flight Four Tundra Swans in the Sunrise Light Three Tundra Swans i nFLight Flight Blur Sunrise Takeoff

Tundra Swan Flying a tSunrise Four Tundra Swans in Flight TUndra Swasn Taking Off Rising Up

Two Tundra Swans in Early Moring FLight Pair of tundra Swans in FLight Four Tundra Swans in FLight four Tundra Swans in Early Mornning Lone tundra Swan in Flight

 Tundra Swans Rising Eleven Tundra Swans at Sunrise Tundra Swans Silhouette at Sunrise 

Tundra Swans Taking Off Nine Tundra Swans in Flight at Sunrise Tundra Swans Taking Off

Snow Geese Flying Three Swans in Flight in the Morning The Beauty of Takeoff

Lone Goose in Flight Snoe Geese Flying Goose Portrait Blue Goose

SMow Geese and Tundra Swans i Flight common Merganser Males Male Bufflehead in Breeding Plumage

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