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Conowingo Dam

The Conowingo Dam, located in Maryland on the Susqueshannna River where US Route 1 crosses, is a gathering place in the winter for Bald Eagles of all ages. It is likely the best place on the East Coast to see large numbers of eagles fishing and attracts large numbers of photograhers from late fall through the middle of January.

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Bald Eagle After Catch Adult Bbald Eagle with Fish sub-adult Bald Eagle in Flight with Fish Bald Eagle in Flight with Fish Bald Eagle in Flight with Fish 2

Sub-adult Bale Eagle Ready to Dive sub-adult Bald EAgle AFter the Catch Sub-adult Bald Eagle After the Catch 2 Sub-adult Bald EAgle AFer the Catch 3

Juvenile Bald Eagles fighting Over Fish Juvenile Bald Eagle Fighting over Fish 2 Juvenile Bald Eagle in Flight Going in for the Catch

Adult and Fourth Year BAld Eagles Playing Adult and Fouth year Bald Eagle Playing 2 Adult and Fourth Year Bald Eagle Playing 3 Adult and Fourth Year BAld EAgle Playing 4 Adult and Fourth Year Bald Eagle Playing 5

bald Eagle Perching Adult Bald Eagle in Flight Adult Bald EAgle in Flight

GReat Blu Heron Flying GREat Blue HEron in Flight Too Big?



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