Andy Smith Photography

 Forsters Tern

Canoeing and Kayaking

Sojourn2019  sojourn2019

Sojourn2018  sojourn 2018

sojourn2017thumb  DelawareRiverSojourn2017

sojourn2016  Delaware River Sojourn 2016

DELawareRiver Sojourn2015 sojourn2015

Delaware River Sojourn 2014 Delaware River Sojourn 2014

sojoourn 2011 Sojourn 2012

sojourn 2011 Delaware River Sojourn 2011

sojourn2010 Delaware River Sojourn 2010

sojourn 2009 Delaware River Sojourn 2009

richard rising Delaware River Sojourn 2008

sojourn 2007 Delaware River Sojourn 2007

kayaker in rapids Delaware River Sojourn 2006

rising Nation 2018  rising nation 2018

Rising Nation Group with Boy Scouts at Milford, NJ  

rising nation Rising Nation River Journey 2006

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