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Delaware River Sojourn 2010


The Delaware River Sojourn is an annual event to heighten awareness of, and appreciation for the ecological, historical, recreational, and economic significance of the Delaware River and its tributaries, which flow through New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. The Sojourn combines canoeing and kayaking, camping, educational programs, historical interpretation, and more. The theme for 2010 was "Bridging the Delaware Valley: Connecting Communities." The trip this year started at Ten Mile Access above Lackawaxen and went to Matamoras, Pennsylvania, during the first three days. Day Four included a newly opened section of the Delaware Canal beginning in Easton, Pennsylvania. Day Five went from Giving Pond to Bulls Island. Days Six and Seven included paddling in tidal waters from Palmyra, New Jersey to Amico Island and from National Park to Camden, New Jersey.

Slideshow 2010 Sojourn

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