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Royal and Caspian Terns


ROyal and Caspian Terns 


This group of royal Terns, Thalasseus maximus, and Caspian Terns, Hydroprogne caspia, is on the beach at the south end of Brigantine Island in New Jersey, providing a good comparison of their winter plummage. The Royal Tern (smaller) breeds along the Atlantic coasts from New Jersey to Florida and also along the Gulf coasts to southern Mexico and in the West indies. It also breeds from California south. It prefers saltwater habitats and is rarely found inland. The Caspian Tern (larger) breeds in scattered colonies from central Canada, the Great Lakes and Newfoundland south to the Gulf coat and Baja California. It also breeds in Eurasia, Africa and Australia, Its preferred habitats include sandy or pebbly shores of lakes and large rivers and along coasts.
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