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Black and White

Why Black and White?

Photography literally means drawing with light from the Greek words for light and drawing. It is a process of depicting images by creating more light to contrast with less light, or dark. Originally the art of photography was entirely done with black and white light, taking images from the world that to our eyes are in color and transforming them into images that only depicted the light and the dark, black and white, with all the variations between. Today photography uses colored light as an additional tool, adding a complexity to the images. Color images may appear more "real" since that is the way most of us perceive the world.

I am increasingly looking at my images, all of which are originally produced in color, to see what they would be like in black and white. Often this reduction to the purity of the light intensity with the subtraction of color adds an intensity of focus, bringing out the soul of the image in a new way. In this gallery I have chosen some of my images that work well in black and white to allow our eyes to evaluate the quality of light in the image.

To get a view of the sometimes dramatic difference in images view the slide show below.

Slideshow - Color to Black and White

Roan Mountain Storm Dawn at Brigantine Island San Juan Island San Juan Island

Storm Over Cape May Sunrise at Stone Harbor Ice on the Delaware River Valley Forge in the Snow Valley Forge Train Station in  the Snow

Female Turkey PReening Reeds in the ice Rushing Water in the Vlomanskill Falls on the Vlomanskill Rocky Shelf in the Vlomanskill

Vermont Winter Ice FLow at Five Rivers Christmas Morning at Swartswood State Park Walking AMong the ELders Sun STar at Five Rivers Rocks in the Vlomanskill

Mity Morning at Bombay Hook Mount Hood from the Air WAterfall Oregon Clouds above Mt Hood Falling Water At silver Falls State Park PAtterns in the Surf

Bottom of the Falls Haystack Rock at Canon Beach Oregon Cano Beach Oregon The ORegon Coast view from Lava Butte

view from Lava Butte Scene from Cascades near Mt Bachelor Mt Bachelor Mt Bachelor from the Lava Butte Mt Bachelor from theLava Field

Sunset at Thompson's Beach Canon Beach from Ecola State Park Sunset at Assateague Lake in El Salvador Sunset Sunset onLake in EL Salvador

After The Storm at Atlantic City The Storm Wave Mist in the Strom Storm over the jetty sunriseover the ocean

Thatcher Park Indian Ladder Trail Purple ochre sea star and anemone Swamp Near Peters Valley View from Grab\ndfather Mountain Thatcher Park - Rocks and Trees texture

Joshua Tree Arches in Joshua Tree National Park Cholla Cactus Joshua Tree at sunrise

Jack in the Pulpit ROck and Tress Spring Lake in Early Spring Lake Reflection Near Mt. Bachelor Multnomah Falls

Droopy - Snow in Valley Forge Park Fallen Tree in Snow Valley Forge Park winter wonderland in Valley Forge Park Lone Star in snow in Valloey Forge PArk Evergreen in Snow in Valley FOrge Park Snow Capped in Valley Forge Park



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