The Delaware River Sojourn is an annual event to heighten awareness of, and appreciation for the ecological, historical, recreational, and economic significance of the Delaware River and its tributaries, which flow through New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. The Sojourn combines canoeing and kayaking, camping, educational programs, historical interpretation, and more.  The theme for 2011 was "The River of Life"  The program focused on the river's ecology and the vast variety of life the river contains.  The pictures included here come from day two, Buckingham PA to Kellams Bridge/NEWE Camp and day three, the Lackawaxen River.


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1.                               2.                       3.                       4.                           5.. 


6.                              7.                      8.                       9.                            10.


11.                            12.                      13.                     14.                           15.


16.                          17.                       18.           19.            20.                        21.


22.                             23.                       24.                     25.                            26.

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