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Business Policies

 Business Policies

To create photographic images from the art of nature for people to appreciate, respect and protect the beauty, diversity and sacredness of the web of life that is our home, the earth.

Major emphasis will be placed on producing images that help people connect with their local eco-region.
The company will purchase from local sources in the region where the company is located or from locally based and owned businesses in other regions where the product or service is easily available and reasonably priced. The company will solicit information annually from suppliers about their environmental policies and practices and their diversity and hiring practices. When available and products are competitively priced, the company may give preference to minority or women owned companies or members of the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia or B-Corporations.
The company will endeavor to buy environmentally friendly products and use transportation that minimizes environmental impacts. Waste materials will be recycled or reused or disposed of properly. Facilities will utilize renewable energy sources. In situations where possible various trips will be combined to accomplish multiple tasks. Teleconferencing and other electronic communication will be used to minimize mileage.

The company will actively participate in and give financial and personal support to organizations and activities that benefit the local region and local communities in other regions. The company will give 10% of its revenues or equivalent to these causes.

Advisory Board:
An advisory board of two to five outside persons will give suggestions and critique on all aspects of the business of Andy Smith Photography including sales, websites, community involvement, customer relationships, environmental impact, and other issues related to operating a locally based and involved business. The board will have one meeting each quarter by conference call or in person. Members are encouraged to offer ideas for the improvement of the business directly to the owner at any time. The board has an advisory capacity only. All final decisions are made by the owner taking into account ideas from the board. The board will be inclusive in its membership and will include customers, women, people of the global majority, and other artists.

See statement on Sustainability.

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